About the Partnership

EaterEvals was initiated by ASUCI, involving the Division of Undergraduate Education, the Office of Information Technology (including EEE), and the Academic Senate Council on Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience.


Associated Students of University of California Irvine (ASUCI) is the undergraduate government at UC Irvine. ASUCI is a student-run and student elected organization that advocates on behalf of students and creates programs that enhance the student experience at UC Irvine. Advocacy projects include partnering with dining to fight for better food service options on campus, researching a potential smoking ban, questioning the bike policy and working to make professor evaluations public online. Involvement in student government is a great way to gain leadership experience, learn about the University and fight for improvements in student life.

ASUCI website


The mission of the Division of Undergraduate Education is to support and enrich the academic experiences of undergraduate students so that they succeed and thrive.

DUE provides leadership, advocacy and coordination for campus initiatives that impact undergraduate education and enhance student access and retention. Working with faculty, the Academic Senate, academic support staff and others, DUE units deliver a wide variety of academic programs and services that support undergraduate teaching and learning campuswide.

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The Office of Information Technology is responsible for meeting the IT needs of UC Irvine faculty, staff, and students. Our mission is to support and enhance instruction, research, scholarship, and administration through effective management and use of IT resources.

OIT builds and maintains the Electronic Educational Environment, UCI's home-grown online course management system. EEE offers a variety of tools to enhance learning and manage course administration.

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The Academic Senate provides the organizational framework that enables the faculty to exercise its right to participate in University governance. The Academic Senate determines academic policy; sets conditions for admission and granting of degrees; authorizes and supervises courses and curricula; and advises administration on faculty appointments, promotions and budgets.

The Council on Teaching, Learning, Student Experience promotes learning and the quality of the student experience and advises the Chancellor and the Academic Senate on issues in the areas of teaching, student life and welfare, and intramural and intercollegiate athletics.

Council on Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience website